Saturday, February 6, 2010

Washington DC Weather

Well this last week I was in Washington DC for a few days. When I arrive there was a little skiff of snow. Maybe 2 inches. The guy who gave me a ride from the airport to the hotel I was staying out was freaking out and proceeded to tell me about every major storm that has happened this year. December 19th was a day of infamy in DC. The Washington Post called that day "Snowpocalypse." They also talked about the snow storm of 1996 and how it shut everything down.

The skiff that was there when I arrived Tuesday canceled school at most of the area schools on Wednesday and delayed them a few hours the day after that. It is hilarious how snow shuts that place down.

I also spent $30 for a taxi... WTF


McKenna said...

Yeah I was watching everyone freaking out on the news yesterday about this new "snowpocalypes" that they supposedly had last night. They were expecting as much as 36 inches and people were stocking up on food at all the grocery stores. Ticked me off.... nothing shuts down here unless you get at least 3 feet overnight. Even then, it'll all open back up once the roads are plowed....

Edward Quist said...

Well Eric The blizzard hit and now snowmaggeddon has landed on the capital city! Liz texted this morning and said they have had over twenty inches and still coming. Biggest storm since 1922.