Thursday, March 5, 2009

Harley Davidson 2006 FXDBI Street Bob

Well, if you haven't realized I don't do a great job at updating this blog. I usually forget how to and then I just do not worry about it.

I must let you all know that I bought a new motorcycle about a month ago. I found a killer deal on a Harley Davidson 2006 FXDBI Street Bob at the Golden Spike Harley Davidson shop in Ogden, Utah. I went and talked to Mark there and he was kind enough to tell the other guy that wanted it that it was taken.

I then had them ship it to the Saddleback Harley shop in Logan, Utah. I bought it there and have been happy ever since.

I bought the bike with 2393 miles on the odometer. It is still new!!! So far I have put just over 100 miles on it riding around the valley on days that are clear. This spring break I will really pop it's cherry in the long haul that will be AZ.

We will see how I do as I go. Not sure if this blog will die again but who knows. I have had people look at it!! I bet it is just the title that draws them in.

You will be able to find the full scoop on the trip at

Spring break Motocycle trip

Well, Spring break planning is well under way. I have plotted the route on a google map. It is looking to be about 2000 miles around the state of Arizona. We will be leaving from St George, Utah and will return there about 7 days later.

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