Friday, March 14, 2008

1982 Volvo

Great news!!!! NEW CAR!!!

As many of you may know I sold my Honda Accord wagon last week. This was caused by the hatred that I possessed for that 4 cylinder piece of junk. I am not sure why but I just didn't fall well with it. The car ran great and all but I just didn't like it.

The story of this new car begins on Tuesday the 11th of March. It was on Tuesday that I did a nice easy ride to the entrance gate of Antelope Island and back. It is an old loop that I have been doing since I started riding. I got to the gate and did my little flip around and began heading eastward on Antelope Dr. This road has started getting very congested. They have built many houses all over the place and it is now overrun. I normally just stay on this main road because it is part of my loop that I do.

As I went up this small incline I noticed a blue Volvo that was sitting in a driveway a ways back that had a "for sale" sign in it. I am not sure if any of you know this but I have wanted a old Volvo since about 2003. I love the classy look that they posses and especially the head rests that are so great looking. After seeing that I took a mental note because I wanted to return and see it when I wasn't on a bike. Thanks to my great memory I totally forgot about the car and didn't think about it again until today, Friday, when I saw it again.

Today I was doing another cool down easy ride and I did an extended loop but returned on the same road. As I approached the house where the car was located at previously I noticed that an older man was getting out of it and setting up "for sale" signs in the windows. I stopped and started to chat with him. He called himself Mayday. He was an older man of at least 65. We had a pleasant conversation about the car in which he told me the life story of the car and many other cool things. I was excited to see that the price was just right. I told him that I was going to ride home and that I would be back in an hour to test drive and probably buy the car.

Unfortunately in this ride my rear bike tire was starting to explode. I had felt a little bump in the ride and noticed that the tire was well worn and might just fall apart any minute. So after getting ready I had to get a new tire before anything. This is because there is a race tomorrow if the weather is good. So I ran to Bikers Edge and bought a tire. (wow bike tires are expensive!!!)

I returned straight back to talk to Mayday. He was waiting and was ready to go out for a test drive. The car drove great and was just all around fun. We returned to his place and I paid him part of the money and told him that I needed to go to the bank to get the rest. By the time I returned he had the original owners manual and anything else that came with the car together and in the car.

This car is a 1982 baby blue Volvo turbo. I am the second owner. Mayday bought it in Europe and in 1982 and brought back to the states. It is an awesome car. I am excited to have found this new member of my family.

Pictures will be posted soon!!!

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