Sunday, December 16, 2007

Kansas City Cyclocross!!

Well today I was fortunate enough to race in the mens collegiate race for the cyclocross nationals. The weather yesterday was snowy and cold all day. Today the sun was shining but it was still super cold. My race was fast and fun. I started on the 4th row of the race. I was told that when I went through the shot that I was placed at 15th among the racers. The course was a lot of frozen ruts covered in light snow. I made the first lap doing well. In that lap my chain popped off and so I had to stop to put that back on. Shortly there after there was a section on the back of the course that I was hauling down when out of no where my bike when rigth and I fell left and slid on my knee/leg, hip, and hand. I must have slid at least 5 feet. It was crazy how fast and long I slid. I jumped back up to keep going and was on my way. I then approached the run up stairs and did well there. I went down that hill and then climb up the next set of stairs running like mad. I then remounted my bike to go on this side hill. As I was going down something happened and next thing I know I was flat on my bike. It took me out bad. I got back up and kept going on the course. The next part was the small road climb. I kept onthe course strong finishing my first lap. I continued on my next lap and I past the pit the first time. I kept riding hard trying to give it all I had. I then pasted the second half of the pit and rounded a corner to go where the barriers used to be until they got pulled out for safety reasons. At that point I realized that I had a flat front tire. This was a huge disappointment for many reasons. !st I did not have anything in the pit. So I was SOL.
2nd Had I had something in the pit I woul dhave had to run 1.5 miles around the course to get to it. It was useless. So I got off the course to cheer for the others and to try and warm up.

The race was still awesome. I learned a ton and am stoked to prepare better for next year.

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